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A Budding Psychology Career Begins at a Young Age

As the Assistant Principal at Centennial High School entered Julia’s sociology class, she didn’t know that her entire career was about to take shape.

RBC Helping to Build a New Generation of Electricians

Calgary students who are looking to begin a career in the electrical trades have something to be excited about this fall. EducationMatters is pleased to announce that RBC is expanding its commitment to creating meaningful work experience opportunities for students.

EducationMatters Grant Applications Now Open

Do you have a program or initiative in mind that will help students? Applying for a grant through EducationMatters could secure funds that help you move forward with important projects that enhance educational opportunities.

EducationMatters Celebrates 15 Years

In 2018, EducationMatters is celebrating 15 years of creating opportunities for students in Calgary. Since opening our doors in 2003, we’ve worked closely with generous donors to provide educational enhancements to students in the Calgary Board of Education, like Cheyenne.

Fuel for School

It’s 7:45 am and the smell of fresh pancakes, fruit, and syrup invites a group of elementary school students into the small kitchen off of the side of the gymnasium. Buzzing with excitement, the students politely form a single file line and choose from the spread of breakfast options for the day. While many of  Continue Reading »

The iGEM Project Team at Ted Harrison School

The students and staff at Ted Harrison School have developed a new program based on the International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. iGEM is an annual synthetic biology competition that integrates science with other disciplines and involves teams from around the world. This program gives students the opportunity to  Continue Reading »

Louise Dean School: Baby Tales

  Baby Tales is a unique program specifically tailored to students at Louise Dean School; the main focus is emergent literacy, with the target audience being high-risk adolescent mothers (pregnant or parenting). We recognize that children raised with literacy face fewer challenges as they enter a formal school system. Baby Tales is a weekly, themed-based  Continue Reading »

King George Elementary School: Century of Sustainable Living Under the Prairie Sky

Alberta is a province with a vast history and prosperous future.  King George Elementary School plans on adding to Alberta’s legacy through the eye of talented young artists. “A Century of Sustainable Living Under the Prairie Sky: A Visual Arts Heritage Project” is an initiative that encourages students to reflect on Alberta’s heritage and sustainable  Continue Reading »

Dr. EP Scarlett High School: Resilience Program

  Being a high school student can be hectic on its own without additional social stresses. Dr E.P Scarlett High School is able to provide their students with additional support thanks to the Resilience Program. This program provides students with support through three initiatives. These three initiatives include the Healthy Relationships Initiative, the Resilience Award  Continue Reading »

Simon Fraser Middle School: ELL Technology Initiative

Advancements, like iPads, are allowing schools to effectively integrate technology into the classroom. These tools allow students participating in the English Language Learners (ELL) program at Simon Fraser Middle School the ability to independently seek out language support at their own level. The ELL Technology Initiative program utilizes advancements in technology to create an individual  Continue Reading »