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Scholarship Coordinators

The information contained on this page will assist scholarship coordinators in helping students apply for EducationMatters Student Awards.

What tasks are completed by Scholarship Coordinators?

1. Promote EducationMatters awards/review scholarship applications with your students

Provide students with information regarding available scholarships and answer questions regarding the application process and/or review applications with students before submission. Answers to FAQ’s for applicants can be found here.

2. Complete Average Grade Calculations for applicants

 As requested, complete applicants’ average grade calculations using the same method that is used for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship.

NOTE 1: Not all EducationMatters awards require that the applicants be taking only academic-level courses. For the purposes of our awards and Average Grade Calculation, Science 14/24 and Math 10-3/20-3/30-3 may count in the “At least two of the following” category. Please encourage students taking these courses to apply for all awards for which they are eligible.

NOTE 2: the grade average (%) requirements on this sample document DO NOT apply to EducationMatters; we will abide by the individual Terms of Reference for each of our awards in this respect. We are merely using the Rutherford as a standard method to calculate the averages for each grade.

You will receive these requests via email through the online scholarship portal and they can also be viewed/accessed through your applicant dashboard.

3. Confirm Student Information

As requested, provide confirmation that students are on a school fee waiver and/or are independent students.

Further Questions?

Contact Kathryn Schilman, Grants and Student Awards Officer, EducationMatters
Phone: 403-879-5285 | Email:

Further Questions?

Contact Kathryn Schilman, Grants and Stewardship Officer, EducationMatters:

Phone: (403)817-7469 | Email: