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Student Awards

Student Awards

With the support of our committed donors, we offer a wide variety of student awards ranging in value up to $25,000. Here are the type of student awards we offer:

Scholarships – student awards with the primary criteria specified as minimum academic achievement. Other criteria such as community involvement, field of study or other specific interests can also be considered or included as a requirement of selection.

Bursaries – student awards with the primary criteria specified as financial need. As with scholarships, other criteria such as a minimum grade point average or specific activity or involvement can also be included as a requirement of selection.

Prizes – awards based on a specific accomplishment of the student and can be distributed at any grade level. Examples of prize terms could include: an award for the student with most number of volunteer hours in grade 7; the winner of the school science fair; enabling a promising music student to attend a band camp.

Endowed Award Fund– In this type of fund, a gift is provided to be invested and the interest is used to distribute an award of up to 4.5% of the endowed fund. The balance of the interest is rolled back into the capital to allow for future growth. EducationMatters withdraws a 1.5% fee annually for the administration of the award, which is typically covered through the interest earned on the fund. Currently, EducationMatters utilizes the professional services of Mawer Investment Management Limited to manage all funds. A minimum investment of $5,250 is required to establish an endowed fund.

Flow-through Award– Student awards can also be established with a flow-through donation. A gift is provided for an award that typically gets distributed within a short period of time of approximately three – five years. A minimum contribution of $5,250 is required. Flow-through gifts do not earn interest. EducationMatters withdraws a one-time 5% fee at the time of the gift to cover the costs of administrating the award.


Important Timelines

  • March: Applications open
  • May: Application deadlines
  • June – September: Student award winners are selected
  • October: All successful award recipients will be notified

Apply for Student Awards

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System-Wide Student Awards

Review the system-wide awards for an overview of all the student awards available through EducationMatters.

System-Wide Awards

School Specific Student Awards

Many schools have awards that are designated for their students. Review the list of school specific awards, here:

School Specific Awards

Scholarship Coordinators

The following provides Scholarship Coordinators who assist students that are applying for EducationMatters student awards.

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Other Award Opportunities

Learn more about other award opportunities available to students in Calgary.

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