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Student Awards

With the support of our committed donors, we offer a wide variety of student awards ranging in value up to $25,000. Learn how to apply for a student award and get started right away!

The 2017/2018 student awards application process will open March 1, 2018

Important Timelines

  • May 1: Deadline to submit applications for
    • Aboriginal Students Awards
    • Joan Ethier Women in Science Scholarship
    • Kermet Archibald & Jacoba Van den Brink Entrance Bursary
    • Marguerite Patricia P. Bannister Memorial Degree Award at The Calgary Foundation
    • Thomas Moore Memorial Bursary
    • Thorner/Johnston/DiMarzo Family Bursary
  •  May 30: Deadline to submit applications for all remaining system-wide awards.
  • June – September: Student award winners are selected