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How to Apply for Student Awards

Student award applications for 2021 are open until May 2021 with some deadlines on May 1 and others on May 30… Make sure you read the the terms of reference carefully so you don’t miss the deadlines – we cannot accept late submissions… Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with news and unique opportunities. .

2021 Student Awards Presentation

How to Use Foundant to Apply

To see which awards you may be eligible for and read their terms of reference, use our awards search function.

Some awards require additional documentation like the Community and Volunteer Activities Form and the School Activities Form, while others may request financial information, letters of reference, essays, or other pieces of work.

Download a copy of our Award Applicants Handbook for tips on completing a successful application.

Received an award? Find out how to claim your money by reading the Information for Award Holders document.