Being a high school student can be hectic on its own without additional social stresses. Dr E.P Scarlett High School is able to provide their students with additional support thanks to the Resilience Program. This program provides students with support through three initiatives. These three initiatives include the Healthy Relationships Initiative, the Resilience Award and Support Group, and the Gay-Straight Alliance. These programs help students that are struggling or in need of developing coping skills by providing a safe and caring community.

Healthy Relationships Initiative: In partnership with the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, this initiative promotes healthy relationships and choices. This counselling program provides services to students experiencing family violence, conflict, and/or abuse, and offers them a place to seek safe support.

Resilience Award and Support Group:  Supports students facing physical, mental and emotional adversity.

Gay-Straight Alliance: Supports students questioning their sexual orientation, lessens isolation and promote awareness of issues facing students at school and in society.
All aspects of the Resilience Program work to bring students together to support each other. Thanks to the support of our generous sponsors, EducationMatters is able to provide a grant to help fund this great program.