Alberta is a province with a vast history and prosperous future.  King George Elementary School plans on adding to Alberta’s legacy through the eye of talented young artists. “A Century of Sustainable Living Under the Prairie Sky: A Visual Arts Heritage Project” is an initiative that encourages students to reflect on Alberta’s heritage and sustainable future and to design artwork around it. Thanks to generous donations from their supporters, EducationMatters is able to provide a grant to help realize this school-wide project.

This program also allows students the opportunity to engage with the community. They will be collaborating with local artists and taking field trips to a variety of locations to help expand their view of Alberta’s communities and ecosystems. Each student will work with experts to help create a large 10-panel mural that will cover the west wall of the school’s library.

King George Elementary School seeks to open the minds of their students with the use of creative and educational initiatives like this one. While the students are designing amazing artwork, they are also gaining valuable skills in teamwork, literacy, networking and understanding about community history.