Do you have a program or initiative in mind that will help students? Applying for a grant through EducationMatters could secure funds that help you move forward with important projects that enhance educational opportunities.

Each year, EducationMatters provides grants to support innovative projects that help students within the Calgary Board of Education. Grants may focus on students in a specific school, or support initiatives across the system. Funding typically focuses on themes including: developing/improving literacies; financial need; educational technology; healthy living; special needs; career and life skills programming.

The application process is now open and the deadline to submit completed applications is September 30, 2018.

“We distribute grants to programs that enhance existing or create new educational opportunities for students in the CBE” says Marilyn Field, the executive director of EducationMatters. “We are unable to support grant applications that request funding to cover general operating costs.”

Successful grant applications should provide a description of the program or initiative that is clear and thoughtfully planned. EducationMatters shares the success of projects with donors and other stakeholders, which means that applications must include well-explained evaluation strategies to measure outcomes and validate impact.

“Applications that clearly demonstrate how a program will enhance the learning of the students and that are scalable in nature to provide flexibility in the funding request, have the greatest chance of receiving funds” says Field.

Some examples of the type projects that received funding in 2017 include:

  • Highwood School – The “Mathletics program”  improves mathematical literacies using games and apps, while providing teachers with new ways to assess student performance
  • Braeside School – Communication, sensory, and social interaction program enhancements to help students with severe communication and behavior needs self-regulate, develop relationships, and build skills for daily living
  • Forest Lawn High School – The “View From the Inside” program allows students, teachers and staff to come together creatively to discuss mental health through puppet making, drama, photography, music, and dance
  • Hugh A. Bennett – The “Literacy In Action” program is designed to improve English literacy among a 90% English Language Learning (ELL) student population by providing books, hands-on tools, and technology to help students achieve the same level as native English speakers

The EducationMatters volunteer grants committee meets at in late-October each year to evaluate grant submissions and decide how funds will be distributed. Successful applicants will be notified by late-November, 2018.

EducationMatters was established by the Calgary Board of Education Trustees and other community visionaries and is currently celebrating 15 years of working with educators to fund programs that make a difference in the lives of students.

For questions about applying for grants through EducationMatters visit or contact Kathy Schilman, Grants and Stewardship Officer, at