A Legacy of Kindness, Compassion, and Positivity

EducationMatters was one of the many Calgary charities to benefit from the passion, warmth, and support of Charlie Fischer and his family and we are all deeply saddened to hear of his passing

Charlie made a positive mark in every area of his life, whether as a loving husband, devoted father, oil patch veteran or community philanthropist. When Charlie adopted our city as his home he did it fully and completely, and his legacy lives on through every Albertan that continues to benefit from all of his advocacy, fundraising and community investment.

Charlie was prolific in his philanthropy, especially towards efforts that benefitted the children of our province.  Charlie and his wife, Joanne Cuthbertson, were instrumental in establishing the EducationMatters Cornerstone Fund, an initiative to help economically disadvantaged children in school by providing financial assistance to provide a plethora of programs and supports to help students succeed and know their community cares about them. As an endowed fund, Cornerstone will continue to improve the lives of young people for generations to come.

A dynamic, loving and supportive man, and a pillar in our community, Charlie Fischer truly made a difference during his life and will be greatly missed. Our hearts and minds are with Joanne and their family and many friends during this difficult time.