EducationMatters is seeking community investment for the purchase of technology to ensure that all students are able to participate in Ongoing Learning while classes in schools remain cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With the cancellation of classes and the closure of public libraries, many students, particularly high school students, may not have access to the technology needed for learning at home. Technology has become integral in life and learning and it will be challenging for students to access course work, complete assignments, and communicate with their teachers and peers without the proper tools.

Thousands of Students Have No Online Access

Over the past few weeks, our educators have been hard at work developing home learning opportunities for all students; middle school and high school teachers will communicate with students and families electronically to share learning materials, provide links to resources, share learning plans, and provide guidance and support with the material. We know that not all students have access to appropriate technology at this time –  the CBE is implementing a plan to contact families in most need to ensure that every student has the support they require.  CBE has a limited number of devices that can be loaned to students in need, but the demand far outstrips the supply, and community support will be vital in ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to learn during this unprecedented crisis.

Technology Loaning Program

Loaning technology to students will allow them to participate in rich meaningful online learning opportunities in their own homes while maintaining social distancing from their friends. As a community we can pull together to help them stay at home, keep studying, and have access to the supports they need. When school returns, all of the loaned devices, currently at CBE and purchased through this initiative, will return to the school to help more students complete their classwork.

The average cost of a device that will be capable of serving CBE students for several years is $500, and with 10% of Calgarians currently living below the poverty line, we have many students who will be impacted by this initiative.

This generation of students will carry the legacy of this crisis into adulthood – together we can make it one of kindness, compassion, and support that will have positive impact for years to come.

The future feels uncertain right now, yet it isn’t; it’s at home and ready to learn. Donate today and help to shape our tomorrow.