Four weeks ago we asked you for help. Now, thanks to you, Calgary Board of Education students struggling to access online learning will have the tools they need!!!

Update on the Access to Technology Campaign

There is no denying that the past few weeks have been incredibly challenging for our students across the board. Transitioning from in school instruction to learning at home has been an enormous and stressful change. Community support has been critical in efficiently and effectively pivoting a centuries-old learning model in a time of crisis.

For students without reliable access to technology the shift was especially difficult.  Teachers did a stellar job of creating content, providing safe spaces for students to ‘meet’, and helping to create some consistency, but for thousands of individuals without a laptop, tablet, or internet access, there was no way to join in.

EducationMatters’ launched a campaign in late March seeking community support for student access to technology, and the response was amazing.  Thanks to phenomenal support from EducationMatters donors, the Electronic Recycling Organization, Computers for Schools, and TELUS over 3,200 individuals have been able to join their peers across the city in online learning during this unprecedented time. 

Legacy of the Access to Technology Campaign

This crisis was unexpected, yet it’s legacy for students is positive: a new technology lending program will launch once schools can safely reopen. The devices acquired during school closures will be distributed to schools to form the basis of this program, and fundraising will continue to augment and refresh available devices. The addition of other pieces of essential technology including scientific and graphing calculators will further support students in their studies.  We know that access to reliable and appropriate technology is essential for the success of our students. We will continue to make sure that every student is able to effectively study in class and at home. 

Necessity is the mother of invention, and the COVID-19 pandemic has tested our educators and students in so many ways.  Technology has been essential in keeping our young people learning and growing through this period. We are excited to see how new ideas and practices shape the future of learning in our city.