The COVID-19 pandemic was instrumental in highlighting the inequities between student access to technology across our city.  Going forward we are committed to ensuring that every student has access to an appropriate device throughout the school year by helping to fund CBE’s new Technology Loan Program.

The program will provide opportunities for students to check out a laptop or tablet in a similar way that they would check out a library book.  The devices can be loaned short- or long-term depending on student needs and will be instrumental in helping to close learning and opportunity gaps across the city.

All devices purchased will continue to benefit students in the coming school years; when devices reach the end of their life span they will be sold back to a technology recycling company with all proceeds from the sales returning to the program for the purchase of new devices.

Ensuring that every student has the equipment and resources they need to succeed is essential in helping each individual be happy, healthy, productive community members. Your support now will have an impact for generations to come.

For any community members wishing to donate physical devices to students, please contact YES Centres or Electronic Recycling Association (ERA).  Both handle all aspects of refurbishing devices ready for student use, and we are incredibly grateful to have their expertise in this area.

YES Centres:                              ERA:
Email                                                Email
Phone: 403-826-0731                   Phone: 403-262-4488
4020, 26 Ave SE                             1301 34 Ave SE