Since 2004, the Cornerstone Endowment Fund has enhanced the education of approximately 5,000 economically disadvantaged students by supporting programs that both enrich and expand learning while encouraging them to complete their studies and graduate high school.

The enhancements supported by the Cornerstone Fund support students are above and beyond the core curriculum; we give priority to programs that are innovative, address critical issues and needs, have system-wide potential and that REALLY do make a difference.  EducationMatters works closely with the Calgary Board of Education, leaders in Calgary’s education sector, and our Grants Committee to review and evaluate programs for funding support.

The Cornerstone Endowment Fund has supported projects that have:

  • brought pediatric and child psychiatric outreach services to under-served elementary children;
  • helped special needs students transition into high school by utilizing online learning opportunities;
  • provided nutritious meals for hungry CBE students;
  • prevented at-risk children from dropping out of school or entering the justice system;
  • arranged for remedial courses through summer school programs;
  • made musical instruments available to students with financial need;
  • provided dual language books for English Language Learners;
  • provided students living in shelters transportation to and from school.