As of March 1, 2021 graduating high school students are able to apply for EducationMatters’ student awards. The application window will remain open until May, with most awards having deadlines of May 1 or May 30.

Student Awards really are for all students. While some awards do focus on academics, many others are centered on financial need, community involvement, and future career/study plans. Every year EducationMatters disburses around $500,000 to Calgary’s students – applying is easy and so worthwhile. It’s easy to figure out which awards may be applicable to you by doing the eligibility quiz once you’ve logged into your account. The quiz will show you all the awards that you may be a good fit for and allow you to read about them in more detail.

Some awards require letters of reference, others want to see written or video essays, while others ask for something totally different. Make sure you start your application early to give yourself time to do your best work and increase your chances. EducationMatters staff vet all applications for honesty and completeness. The award selection is made by the donors and/or our student awards committee.

Watch Kathy’s 2021 student awards presentation for more information, or talk to you school’s Scholarship Coordinator.