The Mariam Rakka Inclusive Education Fund was founded in 2022 by the Rakka family in honour of Mariam with over $30,000 raised from dad Rob’s head-shave event.

Mariam is a fun-loving, wildly imaginative,  friendly, kind, and energetic student who loves her time in school; Mariam also has Cerebral Palsy and learning challenges and sometimes requires additional tools and resources to ensure that she can fully participate in the learning process alongside her peers.  Mariam’s fund  has been specially designed to help students like her access the things they need in school and will be endowed in perpetuity to help generations of students to come.

In the short term, Mariam’s fund will support Calgary Board of Education (CBE) Learning and Literacy (L & L) programs.  L & L provides students with learning challenges the extra help they need to master key literacy skills in a school close to their home.  It means that students are fully integrated with their peers and able to make and maintain friendships in their community while accessing extra help.  Mariam’s fund will help to pay for appropriate reading material and inclusive technology among other things to ensure that these programs have everything they need to help students learn, grow, and thrive during their time in school.

2022 was only the beginning – the Rakka family has big plans to continue to grow this fund and ensure that students like Mariam will be given the opportunity to succeed.  Mariam is a force for good – help her today and create a brighter tomorrow.


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