Children's Village


The Children’s Village School is a school for children with severe emotional and behavioral support needs. All of our students meet the criteria for exceptional and special needs learners. Our students have faced many obstacles that have prevented them from being successful in mainstream classrooms, and as a result have been placed at our specialized setting. At our school we strive to support students in building academic success, along with developing and implementing the regulation skills necessary to participate in school safely. We are working to build the skills necessary to contribute to the community both now and in their adult lives. We share the vision of EducationMatters that all students have the opportunity to find their own success and learn in ways that are appropriate to them, and we look to create these opportunities in all areas of learning. While we follow the mandated curriculum, we provide alternative ways for our students to demonstrate their knowledge, and work hard to create meaningful, hands on tasks. We would like to expand this learning into our school yard, and further into the cultural roots that we share as settlers on this land.

Our aim is to expand our outdoor learning space, which is now a bare concrete pad with some garden beds, into an outdoor learning community and Indigenous garden. We would like to build a sturdy and safe pergola for classrooms to gather under while engaging in land-based learning. Our dream would be to have an outdoor space for circle, as well as a bit of shade for those hot days. We follow a modified calendar, so we are back to school in mid-August, and we would love the opportunity to connect with an Elder and have more teachings around what we can learn from the land, and how we tie this to our curriculum in a good way. We feel this would be beneficial to both our Indigenous students, who would benefit from this cultural connection, and our non-Indigenous students who can learn from these cultural teachings and move towards Truth and Reconciliation in education as they understand the land in a rich way.

Building a pergola will also provide our students with some relevant career and life skills. The opportunity to make significant curricular connections and enhancements to our regular programming is significant, and we look forward to providing this opportunity to our students.

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