This award was established to encourage Calgary Board of Education refugee or immigrant students who have come to Canada within the last five years to continue their education to achieve success in their new lives and careers.



Where Tenable

Calgary Board of Education

Field of Study

Unrestricted – Students pursuing trades/vocational programs are strongly encouraged to apply


$3,000 (with potential for one renewable year of funding for a maximum of $6,000)


Two (2)


Open to students in a Calgary Board of Education school who are completing grade 12 and are new refugees or immigrants to Canada within the last five (5) years.

Applicants must have academic grades sufficient to allow admission into their chosen area of study/educational facility and demonstrate financial need.  Academic achievement is not the determining factor for this award.

Applicants are asked to share their story, in approximately 500 words, about their arrival, challenges experienced with learning in their new environment, involvement in their new Canadian life and their plans for the future.

Applicants are required to submit one letter of reference. Letters may be provided from a school official, employer, or a community leader representing a community-based organization that speaks to the applicant’s transition into their new life in Canada and their plans for the future.

Students must not receive other awards in excess of $10,000 excluding Alexander Rutherford or non-competitive entrance awards. International fee-paying students are not eligible to apply for this award.

Selection will be determined with equal consideration given to financial need, the story and reference.


Online application available below. Applicants should check with their guidance office for more information and are encouraged to discuss their application with the Scholarship Coordinator at their high school.

Selection & Payment

Recipients are selected and notified by September. The EducationMatters selection committee may also include the donor or their representative. To claim the Award, within eighteen (18) months of high school graduation, the recipient must be registered in an eligible program of post-secondary study in Canada of at least two years duration, or an eligible skilled trades or apprenticeship program. Payments are made to the post-secondary institution or program.

In order to receive funding for the second year, award holders must maintain marks sufficient for continued enrollment in the desired program and be registered in a full-time course load for the previous semester. An Official Transcript must accompany each subsequent semester Payment Activation Form which must be received no later than three (3) months after the beginning of the semester. Recipients will be informed of continued funding upon confirmation of available funds and verification of academic standing.

Deadline: Dec 4, 2022

2023 Application


2023 Breakthrough Opportunity Bursary for New Immigrants

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Are you a new refugee or immigrant to Canada within the last five (5) years?*

Personal Information

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Educational Information

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List all awards you have been confirmed as a recipient for and the value of each. Please also indicate whether the award was automatic or required an application process. List as follows: (Scholarships below are EXAMPLES only) 1. Peter Fox Scholarship - $2000 - automatic; 2. Jane Smith Scholarship - $3000 - application; 3. Bill Watkins Scholarship - $1000 - application; Enter NA if not applicable.
Have you been conditionally accepted?*

Essay & References

Where applicable, please provide appropriate sources/citations for any research or quotations used in your essay (e.g. web sites, books). Your essay will be evaluated on the following criteria (unless otherwise specified in the Terms of Reference): organization; ideas and content; clarity of expression. All essays must be original and written by the applicant. Plagiarism will disqualify the application.
Please submit an essay of approximately 500 words, sharing the story of your arrival, challenges experienced with learning in your new environment, involvement in your new Canadian life and your plans for the future. You may copy and paste from a Word document.
Please include email address and/or phone number
Please indicate how you know the referee; include information such as referee's school/organization, their position within the organization or other connection to you.
Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, png, Max. file size: 2 MB.
Letter(s) must be typed, signed, printed on official letterhead (where possible) and must not exceed one page. A scanned/electronic pdf OR a clear photo/image of the letter are acceptable.

Financial Information

Statement of Independent or Family Financial Condition as of December 31, 2021. The following information is to be completed in full, if an area does not apply to your family situation please enter $0.00. Definition of “family” includes parent(s), step-parent(s), legal guardian(s) and the applying student. All Income and Asset amounts for the “family” must include figures for all individuals as described above. Copies of all Canada Revenue Agency’s Notice(s) of Income Tax Assessment (or other official verification of income) must be provided for each of the applicable individuals included in the “family” definition above. Tax information for siblings is not required. Failure to provide these documents may result in disqualification. Supporting documentation for other financial information stated is not required at this time, but may be requested at a future date for verification. Please only enter numbers into number fields - other characters (like a comma or dollar sign) cannot be entered.
Independent Student Status*
At the time of application, are you living away from the family home and/or independently responsible for all of your financial and maintenance/medical requirements? NOTE: Being 18 years of age or older at the time of application or your circumstances when entering post-secondary does not define a student as "independent".
I declare that I have obtained permission from my parent(s)/guardian(s) to provide the following financial information and notice(s) of income tax assessment.*


Definition of “family” includes parent(s), step-parent(s), legal guardian(s) and the applying student
Additional Funding - do you have any trust funds, registered education savings plans, other confirmed scholarships or grants, or any other amounts of money that have been pledged for the purpose of funding your education?*
Enter N/A if not applicable
Do you live in a single income family?*
Do you live in a single parent family?*
Employment - are you (the applicant) currently engaged in part-time employment OR were you engaged in part-time or summer employment in the past year?*
Please include average hours worked per week and include period(s) of employment.
Are you currently on a school fee waiver?*
You can note circumstances such as (but not limited to): living arrangements (personal & family); reasons for choosing your selected University/Post-Secondary institution & its location; any other extenuating financial circumstances such as medical situations, unemployment, independent student status, single parent family. Please also describe any additional financial support you and/or your family are receiving (particularly if declared household income is less than $20,000/year).

Notice of Income Tax Assessment

Please upload a copy of Canada Revenue Agency's Notice of Income Tax Assessment for parent(s), step-parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and the applicant for the 2021 tax year. If 2021 Notices of Income Tax Assessment are not currently available please provide other official verification of income in the interim until Notices of Assessment are received. NOTE: 2021 Notices of Income Tax Assessment or verification of income for all applicable "family" members must be provided to EducationMatters. Failure to provide this information prior to award application review may result in your application being disqualified. For information on how to submit this information after the application deadline, please contact 403-817-7469 or
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: pdf, png, jpg, Max. file size: 2 MB, Max. files: 10.
    Please upload a copy of Canada Revenue Agency's Notice of Income Tax Assessment for parent(s), step-parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and the applicant for the 2021 tax year. If 2021 Notices of Income Tax Assessment are not currently available please provide other official verification of income in the interim until Notices of Assessment are received.
    Check off below to indicate whose Notice of Income Tax Assessments are attached*


    Information Collection - this information is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Taxation Act (Canada) and the Statistics Act (Canada) to determine your eligibility for scholarships and awards. Please direct any questions about the use of this information to the Grants and Stewardship Officer, EducationMatters, 1221 8 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2R 0L4. Telephone: (403) 817-7469.*
    Publication - may we publish your essay? We reserve the right to publish student essays in full or in part but will always only use initials in the place of names unless otherwise requested. If you do not want your essay to be published, please check NO.*
    Recognition - may we publish your name? Recipients may be recognized at public award ceremonies and/or their names may be displayed publicly in one or more ways including, but not limited to newspaper, school newsletter, yearbook, and website, for the purpose of recognizing student accomplishments. If you do not wish to be recognized or for your name to be published, please select NO.*
    I declare that I have answered all questions applicable to me and that all information is true and complete. That I will notify EducationMatters if I withdraw from full-time student status, receive other external awards or otherwise change my student status.*
    I declare that EducationMatters may request additional information pertaining specifically to my academic performance and enrollment status for the purpose of determining my eligibility for scholarships/awards.*
    I declare that in applying for an award, pertinent information may be released to the donor of the award, provincial funding bodies, faculty offices, appropriate EducationMatters and Calgary Board of Education administrative offices.*
    I declare that if I receive a scholarship/award the amount may be disclosed to the CBE Financial Services Office.*
    I declare that I understand the information provided on this application may be used for research and statistical analysis.*
    I declare that if any information is inaccurate, I understand that any awards may be reassessed, withdrawn or revoked.*
    I declare that if I receive an award, I will acknowledge the private donor(s) of the award with a personal letter or video of thanks.*