Quotes from a few students we’ve supported through David’s award:

“My future looks so bright and promising because I have so much to offer in the field of work I am studying to be a part of… Hopefully when I am older I can help a student out like you did for me.” 2020 recipient

“As the first person to attend university in my family I am very excited to go down my own path in life and further my education… You have also given me a sense of support in knowing that my education is worth the investment” 2017 recipient

“Because of your support, I am able to enjoy my experience as a student at the University of Calgary where I can focus on learning and follow your footsteps. You have helped my family and I in more ways than you realize.” 2016 recipient

“This will propel my family towards a brighter future and out of the dark days, I cannot thank your committee enough for providing me and my family with this type of opportunity.” 2015 recipient

The David James Anderson Memorial Fund was set up in 2007 when Dave passed away.  Its purpose is to help students from Forest Lawn High School pursue post secondary educational opportunities.  Students, learning & education were 3 of Dave’s greatest passions and this award fund continues to help students achieve their dreams.

David Anderson was a lifelong learner, listener innovator and educator.  He taught high school in Calgary for over 30 years.  Dave loved to play, watch and coach sports, including football, basketball, rugby & golf.  Those who knew Dave, knew how dedicated and passionate he was about his 2 children, family, friends, sports & his career as an educator – helping high school students to develop their passion for leadership & teamwork. He was a true teacher of life and was always learning and caring.

Dave loved coaching, including football, rugby, volleyball and his favorite basketball.  Every year he would take on teams to coach.  Instead of being drawn to the most popular team/sport, he gravitated to the athletes that he felt he could help to thrive.  He could always be counted on to sponsor many school activities and clubs.  He had a thirst for education, culture and knowledge which led him to travel extensively.  Dave scaled the Great Wall of China, walked up and down New York City, visited Guatamala, toured the Great Barrier Reef and other exotic locations.  Dave was committed to social justice and the best opportunities for Youth, Seniors and Vulnerable Populations and he dedicated his time to various volunteer efforts.

About Forest Lawn High School (FLHS): FLHS It is a multicultural school where cultural and ethnic diversity are the greatest strengths, ensuring inclusivity and respect are of utmost importance.  FLHS has an exceptional academic program that is complimented by a selection of academic options such as French, Spanish, Peer Ambassadors, Student Leadership.  In addition, FLHS has many Championship athletic teams and athletic programs.