The Madame Sylvie Memorial Fund has been set up by her family and colleagues on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of her passing in April 2011. The purpose of the fund is to raise money for books and workbooks for the benefit of the students of Ecole Banff Trail where she taught for 17 years.

As a teacher, Sylvie expended a great deal of her time searching for resources, photocopying workbooks and textbook sections, and putting it all together for her daily classes. Most of this work was willingly done out of regular work hours in order to provide her students with the best possible opportunities for learning. Proceeds from this fund will help provide resources to Ecole Banff Trail to support student learning and teacher preparation.

Sylvie’s strength of character and dedication to the education of her students paid some personal dividends through the years. Many families expressed their gratitude for her skill and empathy with their children, and how pleased they were that another one of their kids was to be her student—which always warmed her heart. As the years passed, Sylvie would run into individuals who would tell her she had inspired them to become teachers.

She loved teaching and learning. Sylvie was grateful for the professionalism and dedication of her colleagues and she shared with them the unflinching standards and commitment shown by the best every day. This led her to be involved in many projects into which she wholeheartedly donated her time. Her lifelong love of art was well known and in the last few years of her time at the school, she started up a scrapbooking club. This took much of her time and quite a bit of her personal resources as well—she brought things from home for many of her projects, and this one was very special to her.

She was a consummate teacher. Her professionalism, dedication, and organizational skills were evident in all of her work—especially her physical classroom. It was always very neat because, every day, the children contributed to its organization. It was something to see the wee ones singing the “Clean-up Song” as they prepared for lunch break or day’s end.

Sylvie had a fierce dedication and loyalty to everything that she engaged in. While this could be amusing at times (evidenced by anyone who played tennis or volleyball with her), it was also inspiring. Her passion and dedication were evident in her relationships with her family (her son and two granddaughters, her husband and three stepdaughters), her colleagues, and her students. She loved her family and visited her mother, four sisters, as well as nieces and nephews as often as she could.

Her laugh came from her belly, through her heart and brightened many days. Even in the final days of her illness, she taught by example how to endure pain with strength and selfless dedication.

Sylvie would be delighted about this fund—I can feel her smiling.

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