The Mandela United Robotics Squadron is based out of Nelson Mandela High School in Calgary, Alberta.

The Squadron consists of 4 teams:

  • Team 7277 – The Mandela United Squadron First Unit
  • Team 14717 – The Mandela United Squadron Second Unit
  • Team 15259 – The Mandela United Squadron Third Unit
  • Team 21595 – The Mandela United Squadron Women’s Division

We are participants of the FIRST Technology Challenge(FTC) and young, hard-working individuals in the field of STEM. Our teams work to inspire the new generation of youths to explore and pursue STEM, with our motto being “Inspiring Ingenuity, Engineering Success”. We strongly believe that promoting innovation leads to success, and helps build the future of the coming generations. Our team actively extends our support to other FTC teams in nearby communities, including students at Crossing Park School, Terry Fox School, Peter Lougheed School, and Ted Harrison School.

While actively working to promote STEM to others in the community, our team doesn’t forget the values our Squadron holds. The Squadron closely follows the ethos of the quote, “No one flies alone”. Working as a squadron means everyone works cooperatively with each other. We may have 4 registered teams, but when it comes to real life, we are one team, a family.

All of these amazing opportunities do come with a cost and because of that, we are seeking support to help our schools program as well as our feeder schools. If you are able to provide sponsorship funding or grants please donate below. We appreciate the organizations that help propel Calgary’s students forward in their STEM education! For organizations that donate, they will be acknowledged as sponsors of the Mandela United Squadron. Please note in the comment line if your contribution is intended to be a sponsorship and not a donation, as sponsorships will not receive tax receipts. If you have any further questions, please contact us at Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

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