Louise Dean School is a specialized Grade 9 – 12 education program for pregnant and parenting teens. Raising children can be difficult at any age, but becoming a parent before having the chance to finish high school presents a unique set of challenges for a teen mom.  Louise Dean is a compassionate and caring community that provides every young woman on campus with a comprehensive support system including physical and mental health care, child care, and a quality education as they move into their new role of family and community leadership.

The Accomplished Angels Fund was established in 2012 to encourage the graduates of Louise Dean School to pursue post-secondary education, enhance their career objectives, and succeed in becoming the best adult and parent that they can be.   By contributing to the Accomplished Angels Fund you are supporting these young women to both continue their education and proceed to find their unique skills and passions that will give them the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life, have a positive impact on their community, and feel confident in their ability to raise the next generation of leaders.

We know that higher levels of education directly correlate with better socio-economic outcomes which, in turn, positively affects the next generation of students.  Providing opportunities for parenting students to further their education and help to secure a better outcome for their own children is incredibly important in helping to reduce poverty and give every individual the chance to be their best selves and make our society a better place to live and grow.  These students represent two generations of future leaders; investing in them now has impact on them today and benefits all of us tomorrow.

She Rides on Dreams

she-rides-on-dreams-webLimited edition prints of She Rides on Dreams are now available here while supplies last.

100% of the proceeds from print sales go to support the Accomplished Angels Fund at Louise Dean School!

The artist, Miss Anna, refuses to categorize her ‘style’ stating that, “My everlasting nomadic years of wandering the globe have taught me that the only thing constant in my life is change. I embrace this change both in my own life’s experience and how it is reflected in my paintings. I can only say that my style is un-categorically representative of my journey; it is open and free to express my emotions and perceptions of the world that surrounds me.

Like a visual biography painted in real-time, it will eventually reflect the good, the bad, the ugly and the absolutely wondrous”.