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Curriculum Enhancements

EducationMatters invests donor funds into projects and initiatives that have direct impact in CBE classrooms across the city.  Our Fall Granting Program and ProjectMatters both enable educators to communicate the current needs of students in every quadrant, allowing us to provide appropriate, timely, and effective support where it is most needed, which even include Curriculum Enhancements.

With more than 125,000 students in over 249 schools, our approach allows us to impact the greatest number of students and make the most of the donor funds available.  Donors like you have facilitated so many opportunities in CBE classrooms including creating maker spaces, increasing resources for English Language Learners, upgrading technology, funding residencies, curriculum enhancements and so many more.

Donors are helping students to learn and grow every day; we believe every student should have equitable opportunities, and community investment makes this possible.  Please donate today to help our future leaders figure out who they want to be when they grow up and have a positive impact on our community.