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Curriculum Enhancements

There are rising expectations of public education to meet the demands of our ever changing world.  Government funding covers the educational needs of the typical school age individual; EducationMatters builds on that foundation to provide more than the base line for our future leaders.  Schools require more than the normal sources of income to provide educational enhancement programs for students, and we are here to help fill in those gaps!  From helping schools to expand literacy and numeracy programs, to transforming libraries to learning commons, integrating maker education, upgrading and adding supplementary technology, or providing innovative professional development opportunities for our educators, EducationMatters is investing in the education of Calgary’s students in every grant that we make.

Donors care deeply about supporting students’ efforts and helping to provide all the tools that they need to succeed throughout their academic career.  Donor funds go directly to projects and initiatives that advance and enrich the education of Calgary’s youth, beyond the core curriculum being taught by Calgary’s educators. Join us to help the students of today become the future leaders of tomorrow.