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What can my support achieve?

Our students are our future – when we provide easily accessible opportunities for them to learn, grow, and find success we all benefit.  EducationMatters enables donors like you to have a meaningful impact on our students today to ensure they can be the leaders our community needs tomorrow.

Types of Gifts

Priority Areas

EducationMatters focuses donor support in 4 main areas: Curriculum Enhancements, Career & Life Skills, Financial & Basic Needs, and Exceptional & Special Needs. You can broadly support any of these areas, or direct your donation to a specific program, project, initiative, or school.

Current Priorities Link to Funds

Invest in Programs and Initiatives

Every year, EducationMatters grants more than $1 million to CBE programs and initiatives that are not covered by government funding.   Your donation can be directed towards area of greatest need, one of our priority areas, a specific program, or even a specific school.

Program Grants

Invest in Student Awards

Every year EducationMatters disburses in excess of $500,000 to students in Calgary.  Student Award donors fund scholarships and bursaries that enable young people to pursue post-secondary studies in the field of study and location of their choice.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Support schools via ProjectMatters

ProjectMatters offers donors the chance to invest in smaller CBE school projects and initiatives all year round.  Schools can apply to feature eligible projects on our fundraising platform to ensure that students are able to access the opportunities and resources they need as they learn and grow in our schools.


Donate in honour or memorial

Give in memory or appreciation of a loved one, friend, or other significant individual.  EducationMatters has several established memorial funds that donors can contribute to, and we are always ready to help donors establish a new funds to help leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones.

Honour/Memorial Funds