Uncover curriculum through the unique lens of public education and the role it plays in our democratic society. Based out of the historical classroom in the Carl Safran Centre (formally Calgary Collegiate Institute) discover how learning in the community is unique for every student.

Looking at the world… seeing what is possible. Explore how historical artifacts created the story and contribute to change.

How can I make a difference? Examine responsible citizenship, leadership and community service.

2School is part of  Campus Calgary/Open Minds

In collaboration with corporate Calgary and local community venues, the Calgary Board of Education has led the development of an educational model to address the needs of 21st-century learning.  These diverse groups share the common vision of supporting student learning within and beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Campus Calgary/Open Minds is an innovative curriculum-based program that moves the classroom into the community for an entire week.  The experience is a catalyst for learning activities that occur throughout the year.  Classroom teachers work closely with community experts to custom design a week that meets individual needs.  The program length, the deep thinking about first-hand experiences that transcend curricular lines and the time to reflect, transforms learning to its highest levels.

The Campus Calgary/Open Minds experience truly opens the minds of students, giving them a clearer idea of the role they play in the world around them.  They become an informed and involved member of their community.  Once back in the classroom, students apply their understandings beyond their local setting to national and global communities.