FESTO Inc., a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology and the performance leader in industrial training and education programs, provided the CBE with more than $150,000 in new equipment and services.

High school students interested in pursuing an academic career in electronics, robotics, mechatronics, and preengineering studies are able to access this equipment at the Career and Technology Centre and high schools throughout the system. The pre-engineering program allows students to explore their interest and passion, while keeping them enrolled in school.

“My students don’t want to leave the classrooms anymore,” says James Spademan, a teacher at Ernest Manning High School. “They are excited to work on the FESTO Inc. equipment and even ask about setting up weekend and evening classes.”

For many students in pre-engineering, FESTO Inc. equipment reinforces and strengthens their learning experience and interest in pursuing engineering, electronics, and robotics in post-secondary institutions. It allows students to develop a greater understanding of equipment used by corporations, while the e-learning component provides students and teachers with an opportunity to work independently.