Thousands of students in our city miss out on field trips due to circumstances beyond their control, and EducationMatters is committed to ensuring that field trips are accessible to all students regardless of family situation, ability level, or financial need.

When you donate to this field trip campaign you are giving students the gift of belonging and knowledge! For the majority of these students, field trips are their only chance to visit a local attraction, try a new sport, or experience an arts event; you can help them to have a richer educational experience and provide opportunities to open new paths towards their road to success.

Field trips are so much more than a day out of the classroom – they provide students with an opportunity to put theory into practice, strengthen their understanding of the curriculum, and really cement their learning in a way that only experiencing the subject matter first hand can do. Real-life experience can also be a catalyst for inspiring lifelong hobbies or future career plans and can be instrumental in keeping students engaged with the learning process.

Every year, EducationMatters receives many more requests for support than we have available funds; in the 2018/19 school year we received over $80,000 in requests from schools with families in financial need. We were able to fully fund or subsidize 15 different field trips from our off-campus learning fund, but this only scratched the surface of needs across our city.

Please make a gift today! Our young people are our greatest natural resource, and your investment into them will be one that returns dividends for generations to come. Help us to help them learn, grow, and be ready to take their place as our future leaders.

EducationMatters donors support educational enhancements for more than 123,000 students attending CBE schools across the city.