This award was established by Brookes College to encourage and support students in pursuing further education beyond high school.



Brookes College


Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Catholic School District (City of Calgary schools only)




Minimum $1,000


Up to four (4)


Open to students registered in grade 12 who are completing the requirements of a high school diploma, demonstrate financial need and wish to pursue post-secondary education. New Canadians are encouraged to apply although this is not a requirement/criteria for this award.

Applicants are required to submit an original essay of approximately 500 words or a short video (maximum 5 minutes in length) describing their commitment to learning, their plans for further education and how this award will help them achieve their goals.

One letter of reference is required that outlines how the student has demonstrated their potential to successfully complete their educational path and their commitment to learning.

Letters may be provided by a member of the school staff (teacher, administrator, specialist, counsellor) or a community representative.

Selection will be based on essay/video, letter of reference and financial need.


Online application available at Applicants should check with their guidance office for more information and are encouraged to discuss their application with the Scholarship Coordinator at their high school.


Recipients are selected by September. The EducationMatters Selection Committee may also include the donor or their representative. To claim the award, within one (1) year of notification of award the recipient must be registered in an eligible program of post-secondary study in Canada, an eligible skilled trades or apprenticeship program or an eligible institution providing certification that will enable the student to earn a living wage. Upgrading programs at eligible institutions are also acceptable.

Payments are made to the post-secondary/educational institution.


May 30