EducationMatters continues to seek funding to provide students with access to technology during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have at least 160 students without an adequate device to facilitate learning at home, and expect this number to climb in the coming months. Devices cost approximately $350 each so we need to raise $56,000 to meet this need

All devices purchased during the pandemic will continue to benefit students in the coming school years and help our schools to maintain a pool of at least one loaner device for every three students going forward. Ensuring that every student has the equipment and resources they need to succeed is essential in helping each individual be happy, healthy, productive community members. Your support now will have an impact for generations to come.

For any community members wishing to donate physical devices to students, please contact YES Centres.  They handle all aspects of refurbishing devices ready for student use, and we are incredibly grateful to have their expertise in this area.

Email: (they are located in Forest Lawn)
Call Gar Gar directly at the organization – 403-826-0731
YES Centres, 4020, 26 Ave SE, Calgary AB