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Program Grant Information & Eligibility

2020 Application cycle cancelled due to COVID-19

In consideration of the current situation with COVID-19 and the complications of school re-entry combined with the uncertainty the pandemic brings for project planning and implementation, the EducationMatters Fall Grants are being revised for this year and the application process will not proceed.

Funding will be distributed for more immediate and high student needs in consultation with Calgary Board of Education administration. We hope to resume accepting applications in the future.

We are still accepting donations on behalf of all CBE schools – any donors can be directed here and EducationMatters will provide the funds to your school in consultation with your Principal.


EducationMatters offers program grants to innovative public education enhancement programs to help elementary and secondary school students in the Calgary Board of Education (CBE), excel and enrich their learning experiences.  

Support may be given to pilot programs, ongoing programs or one-time initiatives and an entire program OR a key element of a program may receive funding. These programs should address our priorities and have a direct impact on Calgary Board of Education (CBE) students. Preference will be given to programs/initiatives that are sustainable and adapted to a very broad student population. Certain training, fees, equipment, and supply costs may receive funding, but general operating costs will not be supported.

While priority is given to Calgary Board of Education (CBE) enhancement programs/initiatives (delivered by CBE departments, management, or schools), consideration will be given to applications from any group or organization with a registered charitable status that provides or manages a program(s) or initiative(s) that support CBE students, keeping in mind that ALL programs/projects MUST have the support of an authorized “signing authority” within the CBE (e.g. Superintendent, Principal, Director).

You must:

  • Be a CBE school or registered nonprofit
  • Have the support of an authorized CBE signing authority
  • Fit one of our key areas for support: Curriculum Enhancements, Financial & Basic Needs, Exceptional & Special Needs, or Career & Life Skills
  • Be willing and able to report back on the outcome of any project or initiative receiving a grant

To learn more about applying for grants and to submit an application visit our Apply Now page.

IMPORTANT: If you are a registered charity, you must enter your organization’s Registered Charitable Number. If you do not know your organization’s registration number, contact your organization’s executive director or accountant. All applications MUST have the support of an authorized  “signing authority” within the Calgary Board of Education (e.g. Superintendent, Principal, Director) who approves of the program/project and is willing to sign off on the application.

Funding Information

Program grant dollars typically range from $1,000 – $25,000, and are made available through donor funding.

Important Notes:

  • Funding is not guaranteed
  • Grants are awarded based on available grant dollars and the program’s/project’s alignment with EducationMatters’ mission & mandate
  • For reporting purposes, applicants should establish a baseline (or beginning reference point) of information that can be used for comparison when evaluating the overall impact and success of the program/project
  • Additional funding for the same program will be considered but program managers are encouraged to develop a plan of support beyond our initial grant