Early 3D Modelling and Computer Aided Robot Design

We are a 15-person team based out of Henry Wise Wood High School located in SW Calgary, Alberta. We are the first competitive robotics team coming out of our school and hope to carry our team forward for many years to come. Our team is composed of a variety of students from grades 10 to 12, each of which carry unique capabilities that can lead us to success. The presidents and department leads of our team competed in the partner FIRST Robotics Competition last year. They were able to achieve 4th place in the Western Canada regional and win the Inspire award. Another couple of our team members are current competitors in the VEX Robotics competition as well, which is as the same rigour to the FTC robotics competition. The rest of our students are experienced in various aspects of robotics whether it’s mechanical and electrical design, construction, programming, or 3D-printing.

One thing common among all of our team members is our drive to be the best and unwavering commitment to robotics. We’re enthusiastic and genuinely thrilled to start this season, and thank you for your support!

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