The Colonel Irvine Parent Advisory Association (CIPAA) is a registered group of parent volunteers that raises funds specifically for Irvine’s school-wide needs, programs, and activities. Volunteering at a casino every ~2 years is the primary source of funding for CIPAA to support our CI students. Due to COVID, casinos were closed, resulting in a longer than typical gap in our fundraising income. While we believe we will be able to volunteer at a casino in March 2022, we do have a funding gap in the near term.

As a result, CIPAA is launching the Annual Cheque Writing Campaign on behalf of Colonel Irvine School in order to fill this funding gap. In previous years, funds raised have been used for Irvine school needs such as bussing, technology, library resources, musical instruments, gym equipment; or special events such as the Grade 9 graduation celebrations, and Chinese New Year activities.

The CBE has mandated that all school fundraisers will be processed by EducationMatters, Calgary’s public education trust. EducationMatters will charge a 3.5% administration fee for donation processing in order to off-set their operational costs for doing this work. The rest of the funds raised will go directly towards school needs, programs and activities.

If you are able to support our entire school, our goal is to raise approximately $50 per student.