This year, an EducationMatters student award recipient will be selected during the fall semester for the first time.

The Laurie Sommerville Scholarship Award was established to recognize students who have the potential to successfully complete post-secondary studies, but may not be able to do so due to challenging life experiences.

For students facing barriers, financial or otherwise, post-secondary education may not always seem like a realistic goal. As a result, students may not explore the opportunities that exist beyond high school and lose motivation to successfully finish their high school studies.

By granting the award in the fall semester, the aim is to provide financial support to the award recipients, encouraging them to finish high school on a strong foot and seriously consider the post-secondary opportunities that might be available to them.

The award is open to any student in grade 11 or 12 in the Calgary Board of Education who is able to demonstrate financial need and wishes to pursue post-secondary education.  Students must submit an original essay of no more than 500 words detailing their story, how they are dealing with adversity, and how this has led them towards their chosen career path, as well as one reference letter from a school staff member or community representative.

The award recipients are free to pursue an education in any area of their choosing as long as they enroll in a program that will allow them to earn a living wage upon graduation. Payment of the award will be made directly to the post-secondary institution once a student has enrolled.

The value of the award will depend on the cost of a post-secondary program, with an average of $2,000 per award. There will be between one and five recipients selected each year, depending on the funds available and the applicant(s) needs.

The deadline to apply for the Laurie Sommerville Scholarship Award is November 1, 2018.

For more information and to apply for this award click here.

At EducationMatters, we are grateful to the members of our community who create awards for students. Scholarships and bursaries make a meaningful difference in students’ lives, allowing them to pursue their passions and reach their full potential.