EducationMatters’ core mission is to advance and enhance education – as such we also invest in new program development, research projects, and professional development for educators that have the potential to have a positive impact on curriculum, pedagogy, and, ultimately, students.

In 2014 the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) outlined the blueprint for a new Career and Technology Studies educational pathway in Natural Resources to provide students with the opportunity to study 5 occupational areas: agriculture, environmental stewardship, forestry, primary resources, and wildlife.

Educational pathways enable students to study materials and subjects that they are passionate about while continuing to develop the core competencies to:

  • know how to learn;
  • think critically;
  • identify and solve problems;
  • manage information;
  • innovate;
  • create opportunities;
  • apply multiple literacies;
  • communicate well and cooperate with others;
  • demonstrate global cultural understanding;
  • identify and apply career and life skills.

Providing different educational pathways helps to keep students engaged in the learning process, and increases high school graduation rates.  Ensuring that all of our future leaders are able to achieve their version of success is incredibly important for the health and prosperity of our community both today and tomorrow.  Students who graduate high school are less likely to be trapped in a cycle of poverty, and more likely to contribute positively to society; investing in them now has the potential to see returns for generations to come, and EducationMatters is proud to support this exciting new initiative.