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Previous Literacy Projects

Literacy Rich Learning Environments Pilot (LRLE)

COVID 19 has impacted students in so many ways and mastering reading and writing is one of them. LRLE saw K-1 classes receive a range of decodable texts, magnetized letter boards, literacy-focused games, and other resources to help teachers better support student learning and development. This pilot was so successful that it’s now being rolled out to higher grades to help put more resources in every classroom where students are working towards reading mastery.

Library Diversification

It is so important for students to see themselves reflected in the books and materials they have access to at school. EducationMatters has provided grants to several schools seeking to diversify the books on offer both in the learning commons and in individual classrooms to ensure that every student feels a sense of belonging and community while at school.

English Language Learner (ELL) Resources

ELL students have the gargantuan task of mastering everything their peers are working on in an unfamiliar language. Providing resources including translation support, dual language books, and appropriate technology can be instrumental in helping ELL students succeed.

Exceptional and Special Needs

For students struggling to master reading and writing due to learning or physical differences, providing appropriate resources can make all the difference to their engagement with and achievement at school. From decodable texts to help individuals achieve reading fluency, to read/write technology to assist with both comprehension and communicating thoughts and ideas, to finding high-interest books at appropriate reading levels, a grant can make a world of difference.

High-interest Texts

Having a broad array of books available to suit a multitude of tastes, interests, and ability levels is vital to help students develop a love of reading. A grant can help augment a school or classroom library to ensure that each individual has access to the stories and texts that speak to them both at school and at home. Reading for pleasure helps students in both their mastery of and future use of literacy skills, and encouraging it is an easy way to help them find success both before and after graduation.