We are excited to announce Mobility Quotient as the title sponsor for Education Matters’ Loonies for Literacy!

Mobility Quotient has donated $25,000 in support of Calgary schools, students, and teachers who will benefit from this initiative. Loonies for Literacy launched April 23, 2022 on Canada Book Day.

Why Loonies for Literacy is so important to Mobility Quotient:

Literacy is the foundation for all learning. When children learn to read, it opens a whole new world of information, imagination, and communication. It’s essential to developing self-esteem, an understanding of the world, and one’s place in it. Sadly, literacy is not equitable, and there are many factors that contribute to students falling behind their peers in literacy and reading comprehension. Those factors include learning differences, language barriers, and socioeconomic factors.

Loonies for Literacy aims to make literacy more equitable across Calgary. For every dollar raised by a school during the campaign, another dollar will be provided to a school in need through contributions from community partners. All funds raised through the initiative will go towards literacy programs.

“Loonies for Literacy supports a cause that is close to my heart,” says Nikhil Sonpal, CEO. “As a parent of two children, it was painful to learn there are students in our community who lack accessibility to books. My children are avid readers, and every child should be afforded the same accessibility to literacy.”

As a community, it is vital that we foster the interest and passion for literacy at a young age and build the foundation to be successful in adulthood.

“It is essential for individuals to possess excellent reading comprehension skills especially in our industry. Continuous learning is paramount to remain relevant in the tech sector and without basic comprehension skills, one cannot survive” says Sonpal. “Focusing on literacy at the grassroots level, in our elementary and secondary schools, is imperative in teaching the importance of learning through reading and comprehension. That’s what makes this initiative so important and why Mobility Quotient is supporting EducationMatters in their drive to create more literacy learning opportunities for all students.”

Mobility Quotient is a boutique digital agency based in Calgary, Alberta. Since their inception in 2009, the tech company has been dedicated to supporting organizations that contribute to the growth and empowerment of the Calgary community. Supporting education and arts in Calgary has been a large focus for Mobility Quotient’s charitable contributions. They’ve provided internships for aspiring developers and designers from nearby universities and colleges, sponsored productions of local up-and-coming talent through Alberta Theatre Projects, donated computer equipment to the Calgary Board of Education, provided financial assistance to music programs for students in Calgary schools, and assisted teachers with workshops surrounding Computational Thinking. Mobility Quotient aims to use the power of technology and community spirit to strengthen and give back to the place it calls home.