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EducationMatters works hard to help the community invest in CBE schools. Our administration fees help to maintain our secure online donation and tax receipting system as well as attract and retain qualified staff who, together, help invest more than $1.6 million into our students and their education each year.

The Canada Revenue Agency considers less than 35% of a charity’s cost per dollar raised to be generally acceptable – EducationMatters is typically around 10-11% for this ratio.

For most gifts an administrative fee of 3.5% is levied – for every $100 raised, $96.50 goes directly to your school.

School Councils may choose to set up a fund with EducationMatters – as a fund holder you will receive annual fund statements outlining all the monies invested in and disbursed from your fund each year. Funds can be either flow-through (spent the year they are raised) or endowed (invested the year they are raised).

If you choose to endow your funds with EducationMatters, there is no 5% fee taken on individual gifts; a 1.5% fee is applied annually to the capital balance (interest generated on the fund typically provides at least 4.5% distribution amount plus the cost of the fee each year). Please talk to us for more details!