In celebration of our 20th birthday, EducationMatters is launching a mental wellness legacy fund to assist Calgary Board of Education students in perpetuity. Since 2020, the landscape of learning has changed for students and teachers everywhere with the effects of pandemic learning challenges lingering. EducationMatters is working to help further integrate mental health initiatives in schools.  The creation of a fund specific for mental wellness will enable students and teachers access to additional programming and resource support, providing equitable and barrier-free learning opportunities.

In June 2022, Global News reported that Alberta Health Services was experiencing a 35 percent increase in new kids being referred for mental health services. AHS monthly referrals have seen a significant increase to 450 referrals a month from 300 in 2019. Providing much-needed resources will help students to thrive in their academic environment and continue to complete high school.

A positive mental health curriculum is vital in enabling students to participate fully in their learning. With the launch of this legacy fund, we will provide an opportunity for additional funding to center mental wellness in CBE schools for students and teachers. CBE schools can apply for grant funding from EducationMatters annually for mental health programs and projects that will benefit their students. This could include diversity and inclusion resources, motivational speaker presentations, psychology supports, art-based mental health engagement, and so much more.

In the twenty years that EducationMatters has been operating, student needs have changed and evolved and the need for mental wellness supports only continues to grow.   When it comes to mental health and wellness, time is of the essence, and we need to be nimble in addressing school and student requests.  Creating an endowment fund dedicated to the mental wellness of CBE students will provide us with an ongoing source of funding that will enable nimble responsiveness to current pressing needs as well as be proactive in mitigating any emerging issues over time.

Our ultimate aim with the Legacy Mental Wellness Fund is to provide a means to help students grow into happy, healthy, well-adjusted adults who can advocate for their own needs and help create an ongoing culture of mental wellness as they become our future community builders, employers, employees, and parents.

Endowment funds pay out 4.5% of the investment capital each year (following the initial investment year) and are subject to a 1.5% annual fee.  Should a fund generate more that 6% in any given year, the remainder is invested back into the fund to enable it to grow.  Normal growth rate it is anticipated that, over the next twenty years, we expect the fund will increase in value to at least $350,000 from an initial $250,000 investment, by which point it will have paid out close to $250,000 in grants.  All EducationMatters endowments are managed by Mawer and have historically performed extremely well:

2023 YTD – 4.23%
3 YR – 6.95%
5 YR – 5.51%
10 YR – 8.04%
All Time – 7.27%

Donate today and make a difference in the lives of countless students!

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