This scholarship was established in 2010 to honour Bruce Leitl’s contribution to the local and national music production industry. He wrote scores for television commercials and films and produced recordings for some of Canada’s leading musicians. We are surrounded by soundtracks – in movies, TV shows, video games and commercials – and someone wrote them.

Maybe it will be you some day…


Endowed by Catherine Monks and Rick Thomas

Where Tenable

Calgary Board of Education & Calgary Catholic School Board (City of Calgary schools only)

Field Of Study

Music Composition (for film, television, gaming, commercials)






Open to students registered in grade 12 that are completing the requirements of a high school diploma. Applicants must have demonstrated academic progress and have a minimum 70% average in grade 12.

Applicants must be passionate about music and understand that music composition is more than pulling loops together for a skate video. It takes commitment and serious study to know how to compose music for a purpose.

Applicants must be registered in an eligible program with at least one to two years of study – at the discretion of the granting committee.

      You are required to submit your choice of the following:

  • A short essay of approximately 500 words about the role music has in today’s entertainment industries and why you want to pursue studies in this area; OR
  • A piece of music (minimum 1 minute) you have composed and performed (no Garage Band loops) with a parental validation (signature) that this piece is not sampled, ripped or copied from other pre- recorded material – basically, an original piece. This piece must be accompanied by a short description of how you came up with the idea – your inspiration – and how you see it being used (what visual story or action does it accompany). Submit work on a burned CD, labelled with your name, scholarship name and date


Online application available at Applicants should check with their guidance office for more information and are encouraged to discuss their application with the Scholarship Coordinator at their high school.


Recipients are selected by September. To claim the award, within twelve (12) months of notification of award, the recipient must be registered in an eligible program of post-secondary study in Canada of at least two years duration. Payments are made to the post-secondary institution.


May 30