As part of Highwood School Council’s fundraising initiatives to support Highwood school’s needs and events, we are launching our annual donation campaign.  96.5% of the money raised through these donations goes directly to the school and students.  Funds raised may be used for school and teacher needs, such as technology, library books, Lunar New Year residency, field trips, and gym equipment.

In our 2021-2022 fundraising campaign, Highwood School raised $8,844 that went towards a range of items, such as library resources, technology upkeep, a school recycling initiative program, education materials, and teaching resources.

We understand these may be very challenging times for many Highwood families with the rising costs of almost everything.  We are grateful for any donation that you are able to give and understand if, under your circumstances, you are unable to do so this year.  With your help, our goal this year is to raise at least $50 per student, but donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Please note that this will be the only form of fundraising that the Highwood School Council will be doing.  Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20.00 and over. 

Thank you for your generous support of our school,

Highwood School Council & Friends of Highwood School Society

为了支持海伍德学校活动经费,海伍德学校理事会正在发起一项年度 “写支票捐款” 活动。募款活动中筹集到的捐款,大约96.5%的经费都直接用来满足本年度学校和学生的各项需求。捐款要用于学校的各项事务和活动中,例如电脑科技、图书、 中国春节驻校艺术家、实地学习实践活动和体育用品。

在2021-2022学年度的支票捐款活动中,海伍德学校共筹集了$8,844加币。这笔款项直接用于多种学校活动中,例如, 图书馆资源、电脑维护、学校回收利用活动、教具和教学资源。




                                                                                           海伍德学校理事会和海伍德学校校友会 敬启


Please provide your contact and payment information below. Your contact details are required to generate an electronic tax receipt, which will be sent to the email address that you provide. EducationMatters is a charitable registration #898887005RR0001. Tax receipts will be provided for donations greater than $20.