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In 2020 students identified a lack of diversity in their Cosmetology Curriculum and requested a change in the way that their classes were taught.  Thanks to their activism and engagement, we are thrilled to be launching a campaign to raise funds to purchase textured hair mannequins for use in all nine Calgary Board of Education (CBE) high schools that run a cosmetology program so that current courses can be broader in scope and brand new courses focusing specifically on textured hair types can be incorporated into modules on offer to students.

This initiative will help advance the ongoing work of making our schools a more inclusive place to learn and grow by ensuring that all students can see themselves reflected in their school and classes, as well as providing opportunities for all individuals to broaden their understanding of a wide range of hair types, cultures, and potential client needs.  It will also make all graduates of these programs more employable in their chosen career pathway as they will be able to enter the industry with specialist knowledge not held by many veteran stylists.

We are so excited to invite the community to invest in this program and help our students be part of making this world a better place to learn and grow for everyone.

EducationMatters is raising $10,000 to ensure that CBE Cosmetology students will have access to learning opportunities to help them graduate ready to provide excellent services to every individual, regardless of their hair type.

Calgary’s curly hair community is getting behind this campaign and is thrilled to support our students in their educational journey.  

Curl Warehouse will be gift-matching the first $1,500 donated to this campaign and Honey Salon will be running a fundraiser in their salon! 

Curl Warehouse’s mission is to help every wavy, curly, and textured hair type feel welcome and have their curly hair product needs met and they are so excited to help up and coming stylists work towards the main goal.  Honey Salon has been specializing in curly hair from the beginning, and can’t wait to welcome more curly advocates into the industry.  Together they will be helping high school students graduate work-ready, and eager to continue their to learn and grow both in school and in the salon.