According to figures from the Canadian Poverty Institute, more than 12% of Calgarians live below the poverty line.  That’s almost 190,000 of our friends and neighbours  who struggle each day to make ends meet.  For students growing and learning through the mire of poverty, the everyday things that most of us take for granted are out of reach.  Nutritious food, school supplies, appropriate clothing and apparel – all the ‘basic essentials’ – are not available to them.

EducationMatters is committed to helping Calgary Board of Education (CBE) students succeed in school and will be accepting gift cards (or donations to purchase gift cards) to disburse to students in readiness for the new school year to ensure that they have everything they need to make the school year a positive one. Physical gift cards can be mailed to our office at 1221 8 Street SW Calgary, AB T2R 0L4, and donations made online by following the link below.

Online donations will receive an automatic tax receipt; to receive a tax receipt for a physical gift card please include a copy of your purchase receipt as well as your full name, address, and a phone number or email and a tax receipt will be mailed to you.

Gift cards are an ideal option for students in need – they provide each individual with the dignity of choosing their own purchases rather than taking whatever is on offer, and allow a greater level of flexibility in purchasing supplies that best align with individual needs.

Your support of this campaign will help students work towards a brighter future and help thousands of Calgary families living with the constant stress of poverty.