Willow Park is a middle school (Grades 5-9) focusing on learning IN and THROUGH the arts. Students take courses in art, drama, dance, media arts and music to learn the foundation of these disciplines.

The schools distinguishing feature is the focus in core curriculum on learning and teaching as a means of understanding the world.  Students are encouraged to find ways of learning that help them understand concepts, analyze experiences and develop attitudes that value the rigor that the arts require.

The prescribed Alberta Curriculum serves as the starting point for the school’s work with the belief students have opportunities to achieve to their highest potential.


This Willow Park School Program Enhancement Flow Thru Fund goes to supporting enhancement programs, projects and initiatives at Willow Park School agreed upon by the Calgary Board of Education and the Trust, in consultation with Willow Park School Parent’s Council, having regard to the mandate of the Trust and whenever possible to the intent and purpose of the donors. The grants shall be made to assist with operating and capital expenses not covered by other sources of funding.