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Award Recipient FAQ's

Award Recipient FAQ’s

Direct inquiries regarding awards to:

Kathryn Schilman, Grants and Stewardship Officer, EducationMatters:

Phone: (403)817-7469 | Email:

How do I claim my award?

Most awards administered by EducationMatters are paid by cheque to the student’s post-secondary institution. These funds are then deposited into the recipient’s student tuition account. NOTE: In cases where tuition/fees have been paid or where the value of a scholarship exceeds the amount owed, students should check with their post-secondary to confirm how the school handles these situations. In some cases, the excess funds will be held in students’ accounts and applied to future tuition; however in other cases students will receive a refund. Please also note that the refund process can take some time and, in these cases, the funds will often not appear in students’ tuition accounts. Again, students should check with their post-secondary if they are unsure if the funds have been received or if they have questions regarding the status of the payment.

Unless otherwise specified, to receive an award from EducationMatters you must be registered as a full-time student in an eligible program of post-secondary study according to the Terms of Reference for the award(s) you have received.  Once you are registered at your post-secondary institution, bring the Payment Activation Form to the registrar’s office, have an official stamp placed on the document, and get it signed by an official. Ensure that all lines on the Payment Activation Form are completed, including your Canadian Social Insurance Number. Submit the original completed Payment Activation Form to EducationMatters through your online account (if you applied through EducationMatters’ online system) or using the contact information listed above. (For renewable awards, where required, please also include an official transcript. Failure to meet this requirement will delay payment.)

How long will it take for the funds to be deposited into my student account?

It can take 4-6 weeks from the time you submit your completed Payment Activation Form to EducationMatters until payment is processed by our office, received and processed by your post-secondary institution and deposited into your student account. As a result, we encourage you to submit your paperwork as early in the semester as possible.

Should I let my post-secondary institution know about my award?

Absolutely! Please note that due to processing cycles both at EducationMatters and your post-secondary institution, there will be occasions when funds are deposited into your account after the fee deadline. It is your responsibility to notify your post-secondary institution that award money will be issued on your behalf. EducationMatters does not provide an advance listing of award recipients to your program. When you are registering and having your payment activation form stamped, please discuss your award with them, and have them make a note on your file.

How long do I have to claim my award?

In most cases you are not obligated to claim an award immediately. Most awards have a claim period of at least one year. Refer to the award Terms of Reference or contact the Grants and Stewardship Officer for further details. Once you have registered at your post-secondary institution, you may claim your award(s) by completing the appropriate Payment Activation Form and returning it to EducationMatters as per the instructions above.

Can I use my award at any post-secondary institution?

Awards are tenable at eligible post-secondary institutions as defined by the award Terms of Reference.  Normally, award recipients must be registered as full-time students in a post-secondary program of study leading to a baccalaureate degree, diploma, apprenticeship, or certificate.

What if I withdraw from my studies or transfer to a new program or post-secondary institution?

If you withdraw from your studies the award will be terminated as of the effective withdrawal date. Some awards have restrictions around acceptable programs and/or post-secondary institutions. If you are planning to change your program or transfer to a new post-secondary institution, please advise EducationMatters right away to confirm whether the award(s) you received will still be honoured.

Do I have to pay income tax?

Income tax is not deducted at source and therefore payments represent the total value of the award. Payment of tax is your responsibility and not that of EducationMatters. The 2006 Federal Budget proposed to fully exempt scholarship, fellowship and bursary income that is received by you as a student, from all tax payable under the Income Tax Act. Effective for the 2006 and subsequent taxation years, if you enroll in a program that entitles you to claim the education amount, check with Canada Revenue Agency for full details.

How do I claim my award if it is renewable for multiple semesters or years?

Some awards are renewable and are paid over multiple semesters or years or study. If your award is renewable for multiple semesters/years, you will receive all of the necessary Payment Activation Forms with your offer letter.  Please submit the appropriate Payment Activation Form along with an official copy of your most recent transcript (where required). If your award is processed per semester, you must submit the forms one at a time at the beginning of each semester. Do not send both fall and winter semester forms together as we cannot process the forms in this manner. Please note that some awards require maintaining a certain grade point average (GPA). Be sure to read the Terms of Reference carefully. Failure to maintain a required GPA may result in termination of your award.

Can I receive more than one scholarship?

Yes, however, some awards have restrictions around students holding multiple awards, awards of a set value or a combination of awards valued in excess of a set value cumulatively. The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship and, in some cases, University entrance awards, are exempted from this restriction. If you have been offered an award from EducationMatters and the Terms of Reference indicate such restrictions, you must inform the Grants and Stewardship Officer at EducationMatters, in writing, of additional awards won concurrently with an EducationMatters award.

Will my awards show on my transcript?

Awards administered by EducationMatters will not be recorded on your school transcript.

What about junior or senior high school awards?

Some awards administered by EducationMatters for students in Junior or Senior High School are paid by cheque to the student or program, as specified in the Terms of Reference of the award.

How do I thank the donors of my award?

EducationMatters encourages all recipients to thank the donor(s) responsible for the award(s) they receive. Recipients may choose to express their gratitude by sending a letter or greeting card (you may wish to include a photo of yourself on campus or in a classroom setting), creating a ‘thank you’ video or by any other method they wish. Be creative! Thank you’s can be sent to EducationMatters who will ensure that they are received by the donor(s).