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Applicant FAQ's

Applicant FAQ’s

When are the award application deadlines?

A few awards have a deadline of May 1 while the majority of awards have an application deadline of May 30. Please review the information for each award carefully to ensure you submit your application by the appropriate deadline.

If I’m taking a year off after high school or not planning to attend post-secondary right away, should I apply for awards now or wait until I’m ready to go to post-secondary?

Students should apply for EducationMatters’ awards in their Grade 12 year, even if they are taking a year off. Once you leave your high school, you will not be eligible to apply for EducationMatters’ awards.

Do I need to be attending post-secondary in Calgary to receive awards from EducationMatters?

Not necessarily. Each award has different requirements regarding eligible post-secondary institutions. Some awards require you to be attending a specific post-secondary (e.g. University of Calgary); some have restrictions on location (e.g. Calgary, Alberta or Canada); while others have no restriction which allows recipients to attend any eligible post-secondary institution including those outside of Canada. Please review the information for each award carefully to ensure your post-secondary plans meet the eligibility requirements.

Can I use the same reference letter for multiple awards?

Applicants are welcome to use the same reference letter for multiple awards. However, please be sure that the letter is applicable to the award you are applying for as some awards require letters from specific individuals or require the reference to address particular characteristics, qualities or achievements. Be thoughtful in choosing your references and be sure to give them adequate time to complete the letter. Teachers are extremely busy and are often asked to write letters for multiple students. Giving your references plenty of notice will allow them to write a more thoughtful, detailed letter, increasing your chances for success!

Bonus tip: Provide your references with a copy of the award criteria/terms of reference when requesting a letter. This will give them a better idea of what should be addressed in the letter and will give them some background on the award(s) you are applying for.

I’m not sure if I qualify for financial need awards. Is there an income cut-off level to determine who is eligible to apply for these awards?

EducationMatters does not use a specific income level to determine which students qualify with respect to financial need. While applicants are required to provide proof of family income, EducationMatters takes a number of other criteria into consideration including, but not limited to, living arrangements/family size, unemployment, medical situations and other circumstances impacting finances.

I’m applying for financial need awards and do not have the required “Notice(s) of Income Tax Assessments”. Can I still apply for financial need awards?

If you have not received the “Notice(s) if Income Tax Assessmentsin time for the application deadline, you can still submit your application(s); however, for the interim, you MUST provide some other verification of family income, and are required to submit the “Notice(s) of Income Tax Assessment” as soon as they are received. Failure to provide this information could result in your disqualification from financial need awards.

When will I find out if I have received an award? Will all applicants, including those that that are not successful, be contacted by EducationMatters?

All award recipients will be notified by the end of September or early October. Successful applicants are contacted as soon as possible after selections are made. Due to the number of applications received, EducationMatters is unable to contact every applicant.