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Program Grants

EducationMatters funds innovative public education enhancement programs to help elementary and secondary school students in the Calgary Board of Education, excel and enrich their learning experiences.

 Our key themes of support:

  • Literacy Initiatives
  • Financial & Basic Needs
  • Educational Technology
  • Healthy Living
  • Career & Life Skills

Funding Information

Program grant dollars typically range from $1,000 – $25,000, and are made available through donor funding.

Support may be given to pilot programs, ongoing programs or one-time initiatives and an entire program OR a key element of a program may receive funding. These programs should have a direct impact on Calgary Board of Education (CBE) students and preference will be given to programs/initiatives that are sustainable and adapted to a very broad student population. Certain training, fees, equipment and supply costs may receive funding, but general operating costs will not be supported.

Important Notes:

  • Funding is not guaranteed
  • Grants are awarded based on available grant dollars and the program’s/project’s alignment with EducationMatters’ mission & mandate
  • For reporting purposes, applicants should establish a baseline (or beginning reference point) of information that can be used for comparison when evaluating the overall impact and success of the program/project
  • Additional funding for the same program will be considered but program managers are encouraged to develop a plan of support beyond our initial grant

Who is eligible for a grant?

While priority is given to Calgary Board of Education enhancement programs/initiatives (delivered by CBE departments, management or schools), consideration will be given to applications from any group or organization with a registered charitable status that provides or manages a program(s) or initiative(s) that support Calgary Board of Education students, keeping in mind that the program/project MUST have the support of an authorized “signing authority” within the Calgary Board of Education (e.g. Superintendent, Area Director, School Principal) who approves of the program/project and is willing to sign off on the application.

Reporting Responsibilities

Successful grantees are required to provide EducationMatters with a final report outlining the program outcomes and usage of monies granted. This report will assist us in:

  • Understanding the impact of the grant and the project/program on the school/organization, students and the community
  • Appreciating the grantee’s experience
  • Providing accountability – a crucial component for our donors

Responsibilities of the grantee are laid out in EducationMatters’ Final Report Guidelines.

NOTE: Failure to provide a final report will prevent the grantee (school/organization) from receiving future grants from EducationMatters.


Early/mid April – September: Grant applications are accepted. Deadline: September 30, 2017.

Early October: Applications are screened for EducationMatters’ Grants Committee to review. Those program applications that are short listed may be asked to provide more detail as required.

Late October: Short-listed applications are ranked by the Grants Committee for funding consideration. Typically, grants are awarded in amounts ranging from $1,000 to $25,000 and total dollars granted are determined by amounts available in EducationMatters’ funds.

Mid November: Final program grants are approved by the Grants Committee and submitted to  EducationMatters’ Board of Governors for ratification.

December: Successful applicants will be notified and awarded their grants before December 31.


Program Grant Application Process

EducationMatters is pleased to invite schools and charitable organizations to consider applying for financial support for programs that enhance public education.

*PLEASE NOTE: All funding requests for Library to Learning Commons and Maker Education/Spaces go through a separate application process developed in collaboration with the Calgary Board of Education Learning team as funds become available (all available funds have been allocated to date). These requests should not be submitted through this EducationMatters’ grant application process/deadline*

  1. If your proposal meets our criteria, fill out the Grant Application.
  2. To download the budget summary, click here.
  3. To resume a saved application, click here.
  4. Please submit your completed application by September 30, 2017.
  5. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

IMPORTANT: If you are a registered charity, you must enter your organization’s Registered Charitable Number. If you are a CBE school or department and do not know the CBE registered charitable number, simply write CBE. If you do not know your organization’s registration number, contact your organization’s executive director or accountant. All applications MUST have the support of an authorized  “signing authority” within the Calgary Board of Education (e.g. Superintendent, Area Director, School Principal) who approves of the program/project and is willing to sign off on the application.