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Eligibility Criteria

While priority is given to Calgary Board of Education (CBE) enhancement programs/initiatives (delivered by CBE departments, management, or schools), consideration will be given to applications from any group or organization with a registered charitable status that provides or manages a program(s) or initiative(s) that support CBE students, keeping in mind that ALL programs/projects MUST have the support of an authorized “signing authority” within the CBE (e.g. Superintendent, Principal, Director).

You must:

  • Be a CBE school or registered nonprofit
  • Have the support of an authorized CBE signing authority
  • Fit one of our key areas for support: Curriculum Enhancements, Financial & Basic Needs, Exceptional & Special Needs, or Career & Life Skills

To learn more about applying for grants and to submit an application visit our Apply Now page.

IMPORTANT: If you are a registered charity, you must enter your organization’s Registered Charitable Number. If you do not know your organization’s registration number, contact your organization’s executive director or accountant. All applications MUST have the support of an authorized  “signing authority” within the Calgary Board of Education (e.g. Superintendent, Principal, Director) who approves of the program/project and is willing to sign off on the application.