Instead of ongoing school fundraisers, the Woodbine School Council is requesting a voluntary donation of a suggested amount of $40 for each student you have enrolled at Woodbine School. (All donation amounts are welcome.)

This will be the only School Council directed fundraising effort. However, if we are unable to reach our fundraising goals with this campaign, additional fundraisers may need to be planned.

In order to effectively support the Woodbine School community, financial support from the Woodbine parent community is highly beneficial in directly supporting the curriculum and learning environment of all students. Historically, the School Council has organized multiple fundraisers throughout the school year, such as Entertainment Book sales, CCRP Magazine fundraisers, Safeway gift cards, etc. to raise these needed funds. Organizing these events has required many volunteers and a lot of time.

Each year our Enrichment Drive is very successful, and we usually raise between $7500 – $8500 for the school.

Funds raised through the Enrichment Drive will be used in a way that benefits all students. In the past, fundraising money has been used for things such as library books, computers, library furniture, artist in residency programs, and PE equipment. This year the funds will go towards the purchase of PE equipment, Fine Arts supplies (such as acrylic paints and clay), and “Jump Math” student books and teacher resources.