Robert Thirsk


Robert Thirsk High School offers our students opportunities to look back while walking forward in a positive way. Over the past five years we have mapped out an Aboriginal Studies course using the four domains of foundational knowledge. We aim to create vibrant opportunities unhindered by socio-economic circumstances. To get to the answers in this course we must ask ourselves how we experience and share our individual knowledge of the land. This is, of course, is enriched by community guidance and field experiences. The purpose of this funding is to create spaces relevant to carry out this learning and to add the necessary tools and Elder expertise as needed. Our aim of fostering life-long learning is supported by Knowledge Keepers (Elders) who are able to visit with us in class and on the land. It would be amazing to have our Aboriginal Studies program continue to offer such holistic experiences, and that is why we are asking for the support of our community at large to contribute towards costs associated with travel, materials and guest teachers who will join us while navigating our understandings together.

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