Did you know that just this year, Colonel Walker School was able to secure one of the best music teachers in the CBE?

Meet Ms Ling!
Ms. Deborah Ling obtained her BMus in musical composition from the University of Calgary under the tutelage of Professor Allan Bell. She also holds a graduate degree in musical composition from the University of Toronto. She has the level 3 Orff certificate. She prepares students in advanced harmony, counterpoint and analysis for the Royal Conservatory of Music exams.

Why is music instruction so important?
Music and second language learning are both proven to increase math scores in exams and to create a brain with a multitude of neurological pathways. Music makes us happy. Music connects us across cultures. It reduces blood pressure and increases energy levels. Music education produces bigger, better-functioning brains.

Why ORFF instruments?
Orff instruments allow all students to experience success in music education; increase self-expression and social skills. Playing as a group, it teaches the students to be focused, to work as a team, and it is a great preparation for band because it is the first step to ensemble playing.

We need your help!

In order to provide the best musical instruction possible, Colonel Walker School would like to purchase ORFF instruments for our students. For the basic set, we need to fundraise $ 18,700.

With $ 18,700 we could purchase:
1 bass xylophone ($2165)
5 alto xylophones ($1085 each)
3 soprano xylophones ($720 each)
1 bass metallophone ($2077)
1 set of Contra Bass Bars (C to B = $4200).

Thank you for considering a donation to Colonel Walker School of Inglewood. Investing into our historic school will continue to attract students and families, ensuring the viability of Colonel Walker School for years to come.

There is no better place to create a caring community than in our schools- the heart of our future. – Patricia Gandara