The Bowness High School Class of 2023 has designed a legacy project for the school. In our community, food security is becoming a greater issue daily. The graduates of 2023 want to create a community pantry to be installed in front of Bowness High School to provide much needed sustenance not only to our students, but to the surrounding community of Bowness, giving back to the community that supports us. This ongoing legacy gift to the community is designed with love and gratitude to alleviate food insecurity in and around our school.

The project requires building materials, installation and future upkeep of the pantry, including keeping it stocked with non-perishable goods. We at the school will build this responsibility into the work we do with students but there will likely be additional costs along the way. All funds raised for this project will go towards the initial costs for creating this brand new space with all surplus funds being placed in to an endowment fund to support this project in perpetuity.

The Class of 2023 faced great obstacles on our way to high school graduation. We call ourselves the “Covid kids”. We have witnessed the power of collaborating to solve a problem and how much impact one individual can have on greater society – this project is our message to the world that the Class of 2023 is ready and willing to be a part of finding solutions to issues big and small. Support our vision today for a better tomorrow.