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Reading, writing, and arithmetic are the foundations for student success.

However, we don’t all learn in the same ways, and the key that unlocks the door to understanding is not the same for every student.

New tools and approaches to teaching these subjects ensure students can find different ways to grasp these important foundational concepts.

For example, iPads and translation apps help English language learners keep up with their English speaking classmates, while mathematical visualization tools provide a new way for students to approach an often intimidating subject.

See how Belfast School is using iPads to improve literacy among English language learners.

English language learning

Literacy goes beyond just foundational academic concepts. Topics such as financial literacy and digital literacy ensure students are prepared to be responsible and contributing members of our community.

Each year we are approached by educators with innovative ideas for building literacies in students. With your support, we can ensure that more students in the Calgary Board of Education have access to these ideas and new ways of learning.

By investing in literacies you are are giving students the essential foundation to become life-long learners.